Operational Management

Our experienced team advises and supervises investments in renewable energies and energy efficiency within the commercial management. One of the most important criteria for investments is capital reflux. Our company ensures the constant control of energy feed-in up to the holistic optimisation of revenues, such as direct marketing.

Within the technical management, technical abnormalities are identified and eliminated in addition to regular maintenance and inspections. A high priority is the careful and timely fulfillment of all technical and contractual obligations.

The ecosenergy Group makes use of the technical expertise of its partners to carry out its tasks and is in the ongoing exchange of information with its investors.

In doing so, it combines technical know-how with knowledge of the needs of institutional and private investors.

Commercial management

Controlling & reporting


Technical management





Commercial management

Our services cover all operating businesses. We take over all correspondence with banks, authorities and energy suppliers. We check the income for both the feed-in tariff and the compensation of regulatory measures. In addition, we ensure proper accounting and ensure compliance with regulatory and regulatory requirements. As a specialized service provider, the interests of our investors are at the forefront. That’s why we provide our customers with individual services or offer a complete package according to their needs. Our commercial management services essentially include

Reporting and controlling

Economic assessment

Budget and liquidity management

Insurance management

Tax support

Accounting and financial statements

Commercial administration

Contract and warranty management

Technical management

We carry out continuous monitoring by means of remote technical monitoring in the control room. The collected data is constantly evaluated, because this is the only way to react immediately in the event of an operational disruption and in emergencies.

Regular maintenance and inspections in accordance with DGUV V3 ensure the faultless operation of your systems. Maintenance of the technical components is just as much a part of it as the inspection of plant and protective equipment.

Constant quality controls and optimizations ensure maximum yield. Through our work, we carry out comprehensive technical documentation and archiving.

  • Monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Green care
  • Performance Control
  • Inside & Optimization
  • Reporting
  • Energy
Technical management
Solar maintenance