Sell or lease open spaces

Open spaces for climate-friendly electricity

You want to lease or sell land?

Do you have free and unused roof, green, arable or conversion areas?

The ecosenergy is looking for owners of open spaces such as green spaces, arable land or roofs who are interested in climate-friendly electricity and want to benefit from a safe, long-term source of income in the form of lease payments.

Environmentally conscious power generation on your open space

A solar farm is capable of generating climate-friendly electricity for over 20 years. This is interesting for leaseholders, investors and communities. Not only through the revenues, but also through a positive image, you benefit sustainably from this forward-looking and clean form of energy production.

For photovoltaic systems, we are looking for areas such as

  • Roofs
  • Green
  • Agricultural areas such as land along motorways or railway lines
  • Conversation surfaces

Take advantage of your open spaces.

Get in touch with us now. Make climate-friendly capital out of your country.